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How to Play Let it Ride Casino Game

how to play let it ride casino game

Let it Ride is an accessible card game with a unique structure that has quickly become an immensely popular option among many players. Players are given control of when to place their bets, with strategy decisions accommodating that desire for control and potentially high payouts for successful poker hands making this table game one of the most exciting on offer.

Let It Ride is a variation on Five Card Stud poker wherein the goal is to form a winning poker hand using three of your own cards and two community cards in order to beat out the dealer’s pair of down cards. A standard 52 card deck will be used; with each player given three cards from which three will come from either themselves or from the community pool; no betting takes place between players but instead predictions can be made about what might create a winning poker hand based on what combination exists among your own and community cards.

Once cards have been distributed, a dealer will ask each player individually if they would like to “pull back” or “Let It Ride.” This decision depends on each individual player’s assessment of whether they have a good poker hand consisting of their three personal cards plus the exposed community card. If a player decides on “Let It Ride”, they should indicate this to the dealer by either scratching them onto the table or placing them beneath their bet; doing either indicates their desire to continue the game.

After everyone has made their choices, the dealer will turn over a community card for everyone to see. At this point, players will again be asked if they wish to retract or “Let It Ride.” Once a decision has been reached, he/she will tuck the cards under final bets and settle all hands accordingly.

Let it Ride provides more than the standard gameplay; it offers various side bets that can boost your winnings when certain combinations appear – such as Straight Flush, Three of a Kind, Four of a Kind and Royal Flush – each offering up to 10,000 times your bet amount payouts! Explore all possible side bets until you find one suitable for you!